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Thinking about how to pay for your home improvement project?  How does 0% financing sound?

Yes, Horizon Interiors now offers 0% financing on your home improvement projects.  Sometimes you just need a little bit of time to pay things off when chunking down a bunch of money at once doesn't make sense for you.  No problem.  We are more than happy to provide you 0% financing on your next kitchen renovation, flooring project, bathroom renovation, new granite countertops, window treatments or lighting project.  Don't wait to realize your dream home when you can access 0% through working with with Horizon Interiors.

Benefits of 0% financing;

-Take your time paying for your Home Improvement Project instead of paying for it all at once

-Even if you have the money, hold onto it as long as you can

-It makes larger projects more manageable to pay for

-It's much cheaper than putting it on a credit card

Your new home renovation project is waiting for you.  Set up time now to discuss how this could work for you by clicking here.  Or view below for some inspiration.....